This is the buzz from Adobe this week. Bottom line here is if you have a flash website or even have flash elements in your site, you better think about replacing it with HTML5 which is supported across all browsers and devices. Here’s a link to the official announcement from Adobe yesterday.

Good-bye Adobe Flash. It was nice to have known you.

Personally, I’m glad to say good-bye to flash. I don’t like heavy flash websites that a long time to load and that are often difficult to navigate. Not to mention the fact that flash contents (.swf) are not indexed by search engines. To those of you who still have flash websites, nana nana boo boo … told ya so!!

Heres an article I found interesting on the subject.

Summary: It’s official, Adobe is putting its future mobile video efforts behind HTML5. So, do you really think that desktop Flash will survive for long?

But have no fear there is Adobe Edge (still in development) is on the way to save the and give us back our animations, transitions and special effects all generated with html and java script. Stay tuned.

Quote of the day:
“Success is walking from failure to failure
with no loss of enthusiasm”.
Winston Churchill