Happy New Year!
2011 was a great year for NextPage and I must thank all my clients, family and friends for that. As promised 2011 was the year for WordPress and I am proud to have delivered great web solutions to many of my long time clients as well as many new clients and start up businesses.

The number one question my web clients would ask is “how can I do my own updates and keep my content current on my website?”. Well of course WordPress is the most affordable and obvious solution and comes with a very user friendly content management system right out of the box.

The second most popular question has been “how can I get a higher rating on search engines?”. WordPress is EXTREMELY friendly with search engines and many of the premium themes offered have rigorous search engine optimization built in for every single page. Many of my clients have had great results.

For these reasons and many others I have decided to specialize in WordPress sites again in 2012. So if you are looking for an affordable web solution for your business or personal website please be sure to contact me. I’ll be posting pricing and theme options in the next week or so, as well as hosting solutions and all inclusive start up packages.

2011 started with a flurry of interior design projects which included www.accentsforliving.com, www.gillaninteriors.com, www.royalshinepainting.ca and www.splashdesignconsulting.com.

I was especially proud to work as a WordPress special agent for RKD Web Studios, a prominent Guelph web company. Projects included www.rockwoodfc.com, www.stillme.ca, www.osbie.on.ca/blog and www.realagriculture.com.

Some of my redesign of my existing clients included www.mammaliandaily.com and www.shecametoplay.com by Canadian fiction writer Susan Alexander, www.kerstinstinson.com, www.woodencounter.com, www.ladybugcafe.ca/blog, www.catherintammaro.com, www.dsmdisplay.com, www.amazonsportswear.ca, www.aquanautpoolservices.com and of course my own site www.nextpagepublishing.com.

New and local projects, of which I am especially proud, I really love to support local business in every possible way, include www.rufflesandtwine.ca, www.rockwoodtv.comthepumpkinpatch.cawww.tomcarrollgallery.com, and www.kingmasonryyard.com

Coming up in 2012 I have OC Communications, Align Technologies, and RegenTech, all from Rockwood, and Foothills Vet Services from Acton.

Thank you one and all and I wish you all continued success in 2012!